Our volunteers are amazing part 3,700

April 10, 2019

At FareStart, the work that our more than 3,700 volunteers a year produce is an extremely important piece in fulfilling our mission. From helping prepare meals in our Community Meals to entering data and gleaning produce to helping our students in the computer lab, our volunteers are amazing, dedicated and part of our DNA.

Janice works for Amazon and has been a supporter of FareStart ever since she first tasted our food at Maslow’s.

“I used to work right across from Maslow’s,” she said. “I was a diner first and then I realized that I could do a lot more to support FareStart by volunteering.”

She decided to use her skills as a former fundraiser for an educational nonprofit and join FareStart’s finance committee. The finance committee is a governing body that provides financial oversight for the organization. The committee volunteers review monthly financials and approve the annual audit and budget. We just received the highest rating of 4-stars from Charity Navigator due in large part because of our financial and accountability and transparency scores.

Janice also advocates for FareStart as an employee of Amazon. She helps spread the word about our mission, events and restaurant happenings through their various internal communications channels. She’s also one of our best ambassadors at Amazon employee events. She inspires us with the sense of community she has helped create at her workplace.

“I want to make my community stronger,” she said. “FareStart allows me to support my city and my neighborhood by being a diner and a volunteer. I want to make South Lake Union a better place whether that’s through my work at Amazon or through volunteering.”

Janice thinks the FareStart model of job training combined with support sets people up for lasting success.

“Teaching people skills that lead to jobs results in economic empowerment,” she said.

That empowerment and self-directed change is important to her.

“My value system leads me to care about what happens right in my backyard,” she said. “I’m passionate about what is happening right around us here at home. I’ve seen what a lack of opportunity can do to people and I think that giving people that chance, that opportunity changes everything.”

Want to give back to your community through FareStart? We have a range of opportunities. Pick the ones that suit you best and thank you! https://www.farestart.org/get-involved