Create employment pathways for talent overcoming systemic barriers.


For over 20 years, FareStart has supported 250 organizations in 51 states and provinces to increase economic mobility for individuals furthest from opportunity and most affected by poverty, homelessness and food insecurity. Our consultants provide training, resources, technical assistance and support to nonprofits and employers that share a commitment to reducing poverty and hunger through food-based job training social enterprises and inclusive workplaces. Our approach focuses on addressing the root causes of poverty.



For Workforce Development Nonprofits


Using system change strategies, FareStart’s consulting team supports workforce development organizations based on our proven three-part model:

  1. Empowerment through job training: Reduce poverty through foodservice and transferable skills training, wraparound support services and meaningful career pathways

  2. Impact through community engagement: Collaboration with local partners creating broad community impact and driving economic inclusion and mobility

  3. Sustainability through social enterprise: Self-generating revenue through social enterprise(s), which marries the mission of a nonprofit with market-driven business


What You Receive


  • In-depth, customized consulting support for your organization, community and those you serve

  • A community-centered approach to program design, building healthy partner ecosystems with employers and other community partners so that individuals furthest from opportunity can thrive

  • Support with your feasibility studies, operational planning, program design and development, identifying and building partnerships and establishing metrics for your success

  • Access to customized tools, workshops, training curriculum and materials

  • Hands-on, knowledgeable experts with over a decade of collective experience

  • Facilitated strategic alignment around adjustments to policies, practices, power dynamics and mindsets to ensure the efficacy of programs


For Employers


Successfully attract, retain and advance high potential, untapped talent within your workforce for greater employee engagement and improved performance outcomes.

FareStart Consulting works with employers who recognize the significant social and business value of working with individuals who are seeking opportunity and overcoming systemic barriers to employment. We strive to create a more inclusive workplace, diversify and expand the talent pool, and break down systemic barriers that may be preventing employees from thriving in the workplace. FareStart provides decades of proven expertise, collaborating with over 250 workforce development agencies and employers in 158 communities across the country.

What You Receive


FareStart offers advising, training and resources to promote stronger employee engagement, retention and successful outcomes:

  • Assessment: Evaluation of a company’s readiness to recruit, retain and advance untapped talent, and recommendations for practices and policies that improve employee outcomes.
  • Talent Pipeline & Partnership: Identification and development of workforce agency partnerships to build a diversified, qualified and deep talent pipeline.
  • Supervisor Training: Sharing of techniques for recruiting, hiring and supporting opportunity talent that aims to create a more inclusive work environment.
  • Career Advancement Pathways: Definition of career progression ladders and aligned policies to support the professional development, satisfaction and growth of your teams.







Featured Partners


We work with employer partners such as MOD Pizza, Grand Central Bakery, Molly Moon’s Ice Cream and Charlie’s Produce to improve opportunities and outcomes for talent overcoming barriers to employment.


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What Our Clients Say
"If you want excellent support in strengthening your org's social enterprise, FareStart is thoughtful, personable, knowledgeable, and perfectly placed to provide this consulting. FareStart’s experience working in communities across the country makes them leaders and models for the social enterprise sector."
"Our learning went beyond establishing social enterprises; we were able to imagine how to more broadly include an entire suite of wrap-around services necessary to support our clients."
"[The Employer Assessment] will help you recognize how much work there is to be done and give you a clear pathway for your organization to determine what your top priorities are and how to allocate resources."

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