Providing real solutions to poverty and hunger.


FareStart has been helping people transform their lives through food for 30 years — one person, one job and one community at a time.

People experiencing poverty struggle to escape the cycle they are in and often face other compounding barriers to getting and keeping a job. At FareStart, we help people overcome barriers by teaching work and life skills needed to succeed in employment and in life. By investing in people, providing meals and building community, we transform homelessness, hunger and poverty into human potential.



FareStart defines antiracism as the clear acknowledgment that racism permeates organizations, communities, and industries, including our own. We recognize that we have a duty to be vigilant in addressing and confronting racism in how we make decisions, show up in our communities, build business practices and policies, and engage in intentional partnerships and philanthropic endeavors to fulfill our mission and vision.




Every individual has the opportunity to thrive in an equitable and just world.


FareStart transforms lives, disrupts poverty and nourishes communities through food, life skills and job training.


Acceptance: We build relationships based on the belief that the past informs but does not dictate the future.
Respect: We treat everyone with dignity, regardless of background or differences. We actively listen and seek first to understand. We are honest, even when it is difficult.
Openness: We create a culture of trust through transparency and open communication. We are open to new ideas.
Collaboration: Contribute positively to strengthen the organization and our impact through teamwork and through partnerships.
Accountability: We are responsible to each other, to our community and ourselves. We are committed to rigorous evaluation and making fiscally responsible decisions that align with our mission.
Inclusion: We provide a community of belonging, regardless of background. We value and seek out diversity.
Growth: We are a learning organization. We invest in continuous improvement and growth.

FareStart & Emergency Meal Partners



Food Security

FareStart expanded beyond our usual business and meal production in response to the hunger emergency that accompanied the COVID-19 crisis.

Job Training

We help people with barriers to employment get the skills they need for a real career.


We're leading a movement to help organizations fighting joblessness, poverty and hunger across North America.