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Training Workshops

Learn new best practices in a group of your peers.

Train the Trainer Workshop

Learn and implement proven tools and techniques to coach, teach and provide critical feedback to student populations.

Become a better culinary trainer for students with barriers to employment in an in-person or virtual training environment. This virtual, multi-day workshop focuses on delivering culinary training and skills to become a great teacher. This workshop will help you create a strong culture of learning in the kitchen and classroom that engages students from day one.


For: Trainers, teachers and frontline staff of job training programs.

Upcoming Dates: 2023 workshops have concluded



Supervisor Training

Learn and implement best practices for accessing, hiring, retaining and advancing untapped talent.

This training will empower you to recognize and leverage the value of recruiting and retaining high potential individuals who are overcoming systemic barriers to employment. Throughout this all-day workshop, you will gain proven tools and techniques that will not only enhance your recruitment and retention efforts, but will also boost employee engagement -- ultimately leading to a more inclusive and thriving workplace.


For: Individuals responsible for managing staff and human resources personnel at for-profit businesses and social enterprises.

Upcoming Dates: Group trainings can be scheduled by emailing



What Our Clients Say

“The Supervisor Training helped develop my understanding of barriers as a conversation rather than an absolute. It also gave some guidance to start the work of building those conversations into our practices and our culture so that we can better support the hiring and development of opportunity hires."

- Grand Central Bakery, Seattle, Washington

"FareStart Consulting is extremely valuable - whether you're just getting started or have been doing programming for a while - to learn about best practices and additional resources."

- Audrey Smith, Hatch HSV, Huntsville, AL

"All of the sessions are great... It's just really helpful to get perspective on things that could be better in our organization, because sometimes you just keep doing things because that's the way you've always done them. I think it's giving you a chance to ask, ‘Why do you do this? And is this the best way to do this?"

- Mulu Belete, Inspiration Corporation, Chicago, IL

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