Hire a Graduate

There’s a reason the best in the foodservice industry hire our graduates.

FareStart graduates have gone through an excellent training program, designed with our region’s best chefs and restaurant managers. Each student must demonstrate proficiency in critical skill areas, and are evaluated through intensive classroom and on-the-job training. Every FareStart graduate is pre-screened, and has current referrals and food handlers’ permits.


The FareStart “guarantee.”

We have high expectations for our graduates. If one of our graduates ever falls short of your expectations, we will work directly with them to address the concern. Saving you time and money.

We stay ahead of trends

Our team is always listening and improving. Through feedback from employers and graduates, FareStart’s training program continues to adapt to changing needs in the foodservice industry.

Let's talk about your needs

To consider a FareStart graduate for current or future job openings, please contact us at HireGrads@farestart.org and fill out our Employment Availability Form. For questions, call us at 206.588.4017.

Employers love our grads

Close to 80 adults and young people were placed into jobs last year.

Employer Reviews
"FareStart is an amazing community program that has successfully placed many of its students in our kitchens. I am always looking for fresh new talent and FareStart has worked with some of the best."
"FareStart provides an incredible training program to help people discover a passion for food. I have hired many FareStart graduates and watched them grow into spectacular cooks and chefs."
"As a chef for the last 25 years I have found I can change lives in this career. I have had the privilege over the years to work with many graduates and they inspire me as much as I could inspire them".