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January 24, 2023

In 2021, Ayu (she/her) was introduced to FareStart by a former graduate who gave her information on the program. Ayu was intrigued by the opportunities; she was hungry for change in her life and excited to gain knowledge about work possibilities out in the world. The FareStart graduate expressed how beneficial this program had been for her and

January 11, 2023

Meet Lisbeth Delcid (she/her). Lisbeth works at Together We Bake, a workforce training and personal development program for underserved women in Virginia. As Program Manager, Lisbeth helps women gain self-confidence, transferable workforce skills, and valuable hands-on experience.

December 12, 2022

“How do you make graduations special?” Mulu Belete (she/her) asks a Zoom screen full of chef instructors and trainers from 17 different job training programs across the U.S. This was the final day of FareStart’s train-the-trainer workshop, a series of trainings facilitated by

December 5, 2022

The holidays can be a special time for gathering with friends, family and neighbors. It’s also the season of great food. FareStart Executive Chef Danielle Ott collaborated with Chef Kelli Nehls to create a delicious dish for our community--- including some of our meal clients. There’s also a vegetarian version

December 1, 2022

Dear FareStart Community,

This letter is a bittersweet one to write, as FareStart is such a special place, not only for our students and the greater community but also for me personally.

Today, we shared with staff that I will be stepping down as chief executive officer in January 2023 to take on the chief executive officer role at Gourmondo, a Pacific Northwest food company and FareStart community partner. I will continue to work closely with FareStart, transitioning to the

November 22, 2022

Casey (she/her) is a graduate of FareStart who rewrote her own story. 

Like many people who come to FareStart, she has experienced considerable trauma in her life --- but ultimately Casey is a fighter and a survivor. When she ended up being

November 15, 2022

Before FareStart Quianni (she/her) would have described herself as closed off and shy. She initially felt unsure about the Barista & Customer Service Program but “I opened up because I knew that is what the

November 9, 2022

­After two years of virtual-only galas, we were excited to welcome back our community to the Seattle Convention Center on Sunday, November 6.  Online guests joined us in the live broadcast. Together we celebrated student transformations, new partnerships and the incredible strides made to increase food security in our communities

October 19, 2022

We talked with Danny Barksdale (he/him), Food Recovery Program Manager, who has been with FareStart for 16 years, about our food recovery work and how it supports food security across Seattle.

So, what is food recovery? Food recovery diverts food from going to waste by collecting unsold, fresh food and upcycling it

September 28, 2022

Jesse (he/him) was initially introduced to the kitchen early in his life when he would observe and assist his mother in making cakes and pies. It was there that he developed an appreciation for cooking.

Though incarcerated at a young age, his passion for food and learning about cooking did not waiver while in prison, in fact, it only