Responding to COVID-19

FareStart is on the frontlines

We're providing hunger relief and social services in the Seattle area and across the country to ensure that our most vulnerable neighbors are safe and supported throughout the crisis.

Nourishing our Communities

As the effects of COVID-19 continue to spread, many of our most vulnerable neighbors have lost access to food.

FareStart is supporting students and graduates through virtual training, job placements, meals, counseling and other services. 

Our Response

Since March 2020, FareStart has provided over 4.5 million meals to organizations across the Seattle area that serve youth, adults and families who are low income or experiencing homelessness.

Meals are going to nearly 180 sites including Downtown Emergency Services Center, Plymouth Housing, YMCA and King County COVID-19 isolation and recovery sites.

FareStart and its food partners are maintaining the highest levels of safety following all CDC guidelines to ensure people are safe.

We created new virtual job training programs to support adults and youth for the COVID-impacted employment environment.

We’re connecting impacted graduates to employer partners that are actively hiring in the midst of the crisis such as grocery stores and bakeries.

Behind the Scenes

Organize a Fundraiser

If you are interested in hosting an event or activity to raise money for FareStart’s COVID-19 response efforts, please fill out our fundraiser form.

Provide In-Kind Support

In-kind donations help keep costs down. Let us know if you’d like to donate food, goods or services.


Fill out our form to indicate your interest in helping out with FareStart's COVID-19 response. We will be in touch as positions open up.

Community of Support

Thank you to everyone who has donated to FareStart's COVID-19 Response & Recovery Fund!

Need Meals?

If you are an organization that serves low-income youth, adults or families and are interested in FareStart meals, we want to hear from you!