An Urgent Request from FareStart CEO Angela Dunleavy-Stowell

March 16, 2020

Today bringing our community together and caring for each other is urgent, and we need you, our supporters, more than ever before.

At FareStart we are rallying together to keep our most vulnerable neighbors safe, healthy and fed in this time of crisis. We continue to support our students with housing, meals, counseling and other services. We are also working to extend support to former FareStart graduates who have been laid off due to this crisis.

In response to emerging community demands, FareStart is rapidly increasing community meal production to deliver nutritious meals to shelters, quarantine and isolation centers, and other facilities housing those most at-risk for COVID-19. We delivered nearly 21,000 meals last week and we are positioning ourselves to scale up to more than 10,000 meals every day if and when needed. And we are doing all this while also maintaining the highest measures of safety, cleanliness and social distancing in our facilities. I am beyond inspired and proud of our kitchen crews for their tremendous stamina, courage, discipline and teamwork during this crisis.

At the same time, we have shut down our catering, restaurants and cafes, which provide FareStart with 40% of our revenue - and fuel our mission.

Your gift of any amount in this critical time will support our community’s most urgent needs – today and tomorrow. Right now your gift has the power to feed people in crisis, keep workers from falling into homelessness, and maintain essential services to FareStart students.

Donate Now

We do not know what will come in the next weeks or months, but I know that our community of support is more important than ever for our students and for our shared future. Together we will all come through this crisis if we pull together with compassion, generosity and fortitude.

With humble gratitude,




CEO, FareStart