Together We Bake’s Lisbeth Delcid learns new, best practices through FareStart Consulting’s Transferable Skills Accelerator Program

January 11, 2023

Meet Lisbeth Delcid (she/her). Lisbeth works at Together We Bake, a workforce training and personal development program for underserved women in Virginia. As Program Manager, Lisbeth helps women gain self-confidence, transferable workforce skills, and valuable hands-on experience.

But seven years ago, Lisbeth was at a very different point in her life. She had just left the criminal justice system and was in transitional housing when she met Together We Bake co-founders Tricia Sabatini and Stephanie Wright and joined their program. 

“It really impacted me a lot,” says Lisbeth. “They were amazing people to have a conversation with. That was the biggest issue I was having; I felt like I didn’t have the confidence to communicate with people.”

Lisbeth says the program continued to positively impact her after she was hired full-time. "That’s been my most powerful motivator: access to help – not only to help others, but the help I get from them as well. I learn from the team members so much. I love working here. "

A lot has changed since Lisbeth graduated from the program in 2015. She says they only had two products and three staff members. Now they have ten staff members, six of whom are alumni like Lisbeth. “We’re always changing and trying to figure out how we can help the community,” she says.

Her continuous desire to grow has driven much of Lisbeth’s journey. “I'm always trying to learn,” she says, which is why her manager suggested she join FareStart Consulting's Fall 2022 Transferrable Skills Accelerator, a program designed to support and connect the leaders of food service job training social enterprises. Leaders from ten organizations across the U.S. gathered virtually over three months to explore, improve, and expand their transferable skills curriculums and offerings. FareStart consultants shared best practices for program development from their experience working with over 270 organizations.

Lisbeth says she appreciated all the resources provided, especially the guidance on how to use participant surveys to design more relevant programs that meet trainees’ needs. She already used it with her last class and got great insights about what part of the program they liked most and what could be done better.

Lisbeth also appreciated all the additional materials that she can review at her own pace after the accelerator. Conflict resolution is an area that she has already dug into. “We are a building full of just women, so how do we talk to each other, and how do we respect each other?”

One of Lisbeth’s favorite parts of the FareStart Consulting Accelerator was hearing everybody’s tips for how they run their programs. “Some of the concerns I might have – other people are having them as well,” she says. “So, it's giving me options. Well, if this isn't working, can I do this?”

Lisbeth has a clear message to other program leaders who are thinking about trying this accelerator: “Do it. It’s always good to see people who are doing similar work as you… It gives you a good baseline of where you’re at and where you can be.”

As for the future, Lisbeth will continue sharing the positivity and encouragement that has made such a big difference in her own life. “That’s been my most powerful motivator,” she says. “I get to be the person that I wanted to be.”

While Lisbeth’s work is a great source of joy and pride, it comes second to what she’s achieved in her personal life. “I would say my daughter is my greatest accomplishment,” she shared. “I feel like everything that I’ve learned through my journey and at Together We Bake has really helped me teach her all these lessons that I never knew…. She’s getting to the place that I wish I would have been at her age, and I've been able to help facilitate that.”



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