Skills of Adult Culinary Graduates

FareStart students have worked and trained alongside professional chefs producing over 2,500 nutritious, from-scratch bulk meals each day in the FareStart kitchens. They have also worked the line, producing thousands of meals to order for the FareStart Restaurant, FareStart Catering and 140 three-course gourmet meals each Thursday for FareStart's weekly Guest Chef Night series.

Demonstrated employability assets

  • Current food handler's card
  • Current track record of reliability and stability
  • Current references and support network
  • Timely, organized and efficient
  • Good communications and team focus
  • Working “clean, neat and complete”
  • Working with a sense of urgency
  • Maintaining high customer service standards
  • Asking questions and checking for understanding
  • Hands-on training by professional chefs

To consider a FareStart adult graduate for current or future job openings, please contact us at and fill out our Employment Availability Form. For questions, call us at (206) 588-4017.

Partnering with employers

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The stats speak for themselves

With your help, more than 97% of FareStart adult graduates are employed within 90 days of program completion.

Back-of-the-house skills and knowledge

  • Proper food storage
  • Safe food handling
  • Team work
  • Knife skills – 60 hours
  • Kitchen safety
  • Quantity cooking
  • Serving skills
  • Ingredient ID
  • Kitchen vocabulary
  • Prep work       
  • Kitchen math
  • Dessert work
  • Inventory procedures
  • Specialty cuisine   
  • Soups, Sauces, Salads
  • Catering
  • Quality Control
  • Consistency
  • Leadership
  • Line cooking
  • Menu building