Sarah's Story: "Trust the process of the program."

May 10, 2022

Sarah (she/her) found FareStart after being unexpectedly fired from a job she loved. “It was pretty traumatic. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I found FareStart online and filled out an application. When I heard it was a job training program, that seemed like a perfect fit for where I was at. I didn’t really know where I was going to head.”

FareStart’s Adult Culinary Program’s virtual setting and wraparound support services enabled Sarah to participate. “For me personally it was great, I was able to do it from home which allowed me to be there for my son. I wouldn’t have been able to participate if it was in person.”

Although Sarah had taken other programs that offered job readiness skills such as writing a resume and cover letter, she found the FareStart program to be different. “The combination of how all of the different classes fit together with the self-empowerment classes and the broader vision of knowing our value made a big difference. I had just got fired from a job that I loved….it was very devastating to me, but by the end of the program I rediscovered my value.”

Since graduating the program in February, Sarah has been keeping the lessons she learned at the forefront of her mind as she developed her job search plan. “Before I graduated, I would have taken anything that came my way, but now I have learned to be more selective and understand my worth as an employee.”

Sarah’s advice for future students is: “trust the process of the program, some of the lessons might seem elementary but everything works together to help you find your value system and to be a career professional.”

Sarah’s goal has always been finding a career she loved where she could be of service to others. Through the carefully laid out process of FareStart’s virtual adult program, she found her direction and employment as a substitute teacher. This new position will give her valuable experience her as she pursues her teaching license.

Overall, Sarah shared, “it was an amazing experience, and I am really thankful for the ongoing support I am receiving.”