Guest Chef Dave Miller

of Portage Bay Cafe
Thursday, June 7, 2018
5:30pm - 8:00pm


Chef Dave Miller's family owned and operated restaurants while he was growing up and he started working in the dish pit and bussing tables from a young age. It wasn't until he moved to Seattle and started working at Ray's Boathouse that he knew this was his true calling. Now the executive chef at Portage Bay Cafe, he showcases his passion for local, sustainable and organic dining. Each course of this week's Guest Chef Night menu was created by a different female chef from one of Portage Bay's locations.


"Women’s Night"


Chef Sandra Mora

Organic Beet and Arugula Napoleon, Chèvre, and toasted Pistachio

Featuring Sweet Harvest Farm’s beets and arugula ( Carnation, WA) and Lost Peacock Farm’s Chèvre ( Olympia WA). 


Chef Ada Chen

Chilled organic Asparagus and Fennel soup, Tarragon Crème Fraiche, Bull’s Blood micro greens 

Featuring Summer Run Farm’s Asparagus and Fennel (Carnation WA) and Crescent Bay Farm’s micro greens (Snohomish WA).


Chef Lauren Richardson

Pan roasted fresh Alaskan Halibut, Turmeric  Piccata, organic local field greens, Fromage Blanc

Featuring Orange Star Farm’s sorrel, wax beans, radish and endive (Monroe WA) and Cherry Valley Dairy’s Fromage blanc (Duvall WA).


Romanesco and spiced Cauliflower steak, organic Chimichurri, local organic field greens, Fromage Blanc

Featuring Skylight Farm’s romanesco, cauliflower and snap peas (Snohomish WA), Orange Star Farm’s wax beans, sorrel, endive and radish (Monroe WA), Cherry Valley Dairy’s Fromage blanc ( Duvall WA) and 11 Olives aged Balsamic (Seattle WA).


Chef Tonya Murdock

Organic Rhubarb and Opal Basil Ice Cream, Almond Tuile, Organic Berry Coulis

Featuring Richter Farm's rhubarb (Puyallup WA) and Sidhu Farms berries (Puyallup WA).

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