Partnerships Play a Key Role in Students' Success

November 7, 2017

Over the years, FareStart has built enduring partnerships with local agencies that offer much-needed support services and supplies to assist students as they change their lives. From housing to healthcare, counseling to clothing, FareStart provides the essentials, so that Adult Culinary Program students can focus on learning skills to gain employment when they graduate.   

A partnership with Goodwill helps many students, especially those coming from homelessness, who may only own the shirt and pants they are wearing when they arrive. FareStart gives every student two Goodwill vouchers, which are often used immediately to purchase clothing. 

One student, who had been incarcerated, said that sleeping at Compass Housing Alliance's Pioneer Square housing was the first time in five years that he'd slept in a place that been quiet and dark at night. The Salvation Army is another important housing partner that provides housing for men and women, as well as referrals. 

Students can receive on-site counseling through Sound Mental Health for help dealing with issues such as grief, depression or anger. Many have never had the opportunity to engage in a professional supportive relationship like this in their life, where someone is there to listen to them.   

"Mental health support is so rare for our students, but so necessary for many of them. It's possibly the most important service we help connect them with." 
Matt Lewison, Adult Culinary Training Program Manager, talking about Sound Mental Health

Another partner, Recovery Cafe, holds Recovery Circles at FareStart three times a week. This means students can attend a support meeting without having to leave FareStart. Many students have multiple mandatory appointments outside of their 40-hours-a-week training and these meetings are crucial for their stability. Most who attend on-site Recovery Circles do so throughout the duration of their training time and continue to attend after graduation. 
The value of these partnerships is immense and would not be possible without your donations, which allow us to provide critical services to ensure students have the resources to succeed.