A new beginning

January 6, 2020

FareStart’s youth programs have grown over the years because the underlying causes of youth poverty and homelessness continue to be a big challenge for the community, and the needs of many young people are still going unmet – the need for a new beginning. 

That’s why our youth programs are so important. Through these programs, youth can put themselves on a different path that they choose for a positive future. They can stop the cycle of poverty and homelessness earlier in life.  

Morgan has seen that firsthand. 

Morgan came to our Youth Culinary Program in September of 2018. She was looking to find a job and wanted to work on being less nervous and more independent. She understood the need to make and learn from mistakes and she asked questions – a lot of questions. She looked at this program as a way to refocus and learn about her own strength. 

Throughout the program, she gained confidence and practiced her self-awareness. She even opened her artistic side showing us portraits of people crafted from food.  

After she graduated from the program, she was invited back to the 2019 Seattle Youth Employment Program (SYEP) summer internship and in six weeks she overcame her initial apprehension of the bus system, learned how to professionally deal with conflict and found a passion for coffee. 

She knows what she wants now, and she has the tools to make it a reality.