Guest Chef Monica Dimas

of Neon Taco
Thursday, December 5, 2019
5:30pm - 8:00pm


Monica Dimas' take on food is meticulous and progressive, traits pulled from her many years in the fine dining scene, while still providing excellent food to a wide audience at an accessible price point. From Campange to Spinasse to Monsoon to Mkt, Dimas' fine dining acumen was leading fatefully to starting her own unique eatery company - Milkwood & Co. The inaugural pop-up, Little Neon Taco, was conceived as a Sunday brunch inside of Nacho Borracho, where later Dimas was approached to give Little Neon Taco it's permanent home.

Dimas is now the chef/operator of Milkwood & Co, her umbrella company to her successful Capitol Hill eateries - Sunset Fried Chicken a Charleston, SC-inspired fried chicken sandwich counter inside of Rachel's Ginger Beer, Neon Taco a progressive Mexican food counter inside of Nacho Borracho and Westman's, a New York-style bagel and coffee micro sidewalk cafe.



Frisee + Bitter Greens Salad

Herb aioli, shaved mole pork loin


Lamb Albondigas

Roasted chiles + onions, tomato, baby cilantro


Baked Masa Gnocchi

Poblano + herb sauce, Oaxaca cheese, baby cilantro


Chocolate + Mole Cake

Espresso ice cream, cinnamon whipped cream

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