"I wanted to be successful and FareStart helped me on that path."

July 20, 2021

Alyssa (she/her) started the Youth Culinary Program in November 2019 with the desire to learn culinary techniques and receive job preparedness training. After transferring high schools and struggling to adjust to her new school, she was referred to the youth program by Seattle Public Schools, a partner of FareStart.

“I was sold on the fact I could learn culinary skills, soft skills, and job ready skills. I also wanted to learn how to be more social and how to advocate for yourself. I wanted to be successful and FareStart helped me on that path,” she said.

Being in the FareStart community has helped Alyssa gain confidence in herself and how her experience will help her as she enters the real world. She enjoyed being in the kitchen and learning the process of cooking so she could cook for her family at home. At FareStart Café’s Pacific Tower location, she excelled in customer service and realized that she loved working with people and being team oriented.

Alyssa graduated from the Youth Culinary Program in January 2020, shortly before the pandemic hit. After graduation, she took some time off so she could save up for college.

“COVID made me feel depressed, isolated and like a prisoner,” she said. “I am thankful to be attending college and pursing my career during this time. I am grateful that FareStart has helped me in my journey so I am able to navigate through life.”

Alyssa recently enrolled at South Seattle Community College to pursue her passion in welding. Her next goal is to graduate with her associate degree and join the Iron Working Union.