June 3, 2019

It’s graduation season and students are getting ready to toss their caps in the air and go off to their summer. Here at FareStart, it is always graduation season. We have weekly graduations for our Adult Culinary students, graduations every couple of months for our Youth Programs and our Foodservice Apprentices have a ceremony as well when they complete their training.

Each ceremony is tailored for each group, but they all have somethings in common – optimism, gratitude and reflection.

Here, take a look for yourself.

“This program pushed me in all the best of ways and it was challenging both physically and emotionally. I thought that perhaps I'm too unique or too different. But then I found FareStart and it was like a miracle. I’m just like anyone out there that has overcome hardships. I can do this.” – Adult Culinary Graduate

“It’s a life-changing program. Instead of struggling in silence, the program offers mentors and a place that lets you know you’re worth something. FareStart made me feel worthwhile and overcome my fear. Now, my goal is to help others.” – Youth & Young Adult Barista Graduate

“I would like to thank all the chefs for supporting me and making me laugh and pushing me. I love cooking and I want to pursue that.” – Youth Culinary Graduate

“I want to say thank you for the support from FareStart. It is very special. When I came here for the opportunity, I moved from my country with some experience but without the language. Something magical happened. I recovered my confidence in this place. That means so much to me. This place it was more than just work, it was personal. I feel supported and I feel safe.” – Foodservice Apprentice Graduate

Every week we are inspired by the strength of our students and the support of this community, we are grateful that we get to do this work, and we are thankful for your support.