Foodservice Job Training Programs Workshop by Catalyst Kitchens

January 28, 2019

Have you ever thought about opening a café, food truck or some other sort of foodservice business to support a mission? This March, Catalyst Kitchens, our national program, will show you the ins and outs of starting a job training program.  

Catalyst Kitchens is hosting a two-day workshop explaining the basics of our social enterprise job training model. The workshop will go over the delicate balance between social services and businesses, fundraising, revenue and the differences between the nonprofit and private sectors. This training is the perfect opportunity for nonprofit leaders, board members or staff members who have been thinking about different ways to achieve their mission. 

Information and Pricing

Social enterprises are businesses run by nonprofits to support their mission outcomes. At FareStart, our cafes, Maslow’s by FareStart, FareStart Catering and the FareStart Restaurant are all examples of social enterprises. 

The Foodservice Job Training Programs 101 Workshop is designed to showcase our enterprises and training programs to show how it all fits together to serve the community. Learn from our leadership team for everything from finance to staffing structures, fundraising to best business practices and hard culinary skills to soft job readiness skills. 

Get the full picture and pricing information: March 6th & 7th hosted at FareStart in Seattle.