Daniel's Story: "practice setting and achieving smaller goals in preparation for the bigger ones."

November 19, 2021

Daniel (he/him) came to FareStart hoping to establish a routine and set new goals for his life after a period of incarceration and struggling with substance use. The support from FareStart staff and the program’s self-empowerment curriculum helped him to carry out goal setting and personal accountability for the first time in a long time. 

A significant goal Daniel achieved while in the program was getting his driver’s license. It took a lot more than just going down to the DMV to renew his license; Daniel had to pay off fines in two different states before being issued a driver’s license.

FareStart’s Adult Culinary Program classes and encouragement helped Daniel gain the confidence needed to choose his own path. Shortly after graduating, he was offered and accepted a job in the fast-food industry because he knew it would provide him the opportunity to keep building his confidence and stick with the good habits he had recently established. Daniel was committed to stabilizing before pushing for the “next level.” It was clear to his employer that he was a great asset to their team and in less than a month after his August graduation, he was given a raise and has been training to be a shift lead.

Shortly after graduation, Daniel’s support system helped him get a car and now, he can use the driver’s license he obtained while he was in the program.

When asked what his advice to future students would be, Daniel said, “practice setting and achieving smaller goals in preparation for the bigger ones.”