Catering & Events

FareStart Catering is temporarily paused due to COVID-19. We anticipate restarting in early 2022.

Exquisite food. Superior, fresh locally sourced ingredients. Prepared with skill, creativity and a commitment to excellence.

Exclusive venues. View Seattle’s skyline from the Cascades to the Olympics, experience our chic restaurant, or choose your favorite place.

Every event provides FareStart students with real-time learning opportunities and every dollar supports our job training programs.

"Easy and fun, they walked us right through the process and responded to our needs and desires. We love FareStart!"
"We are always pleased with the professionalism and tasty food from FareStart. I heard nothing but good comments from our attendees. Thank YOU for everything you did to make our event a delicious success!"
"The food was delicious, the venue was breathtaking and the knowledge that everything was in the hands of people who really care about our event was refreshing and a God-Send. Thanks, Nina and the FareStart team."
"The wait staff was exemplary. The food was beyond delicious, and everything ran smoothly and on point."