Helping Transform Lives

  • FareStart is Now Offering Box Lunches

    Enjoy your favorite made-to-order sandwiches and salads prepared by FareStart students and our professional chefs. Every time you purchase a box lunch, you directly support FareStart's mission.

  • Job Training & Wraparound Support

    Gain stability and a community of support as you learn new skills that will prepare you for new employment pathways. And we help with the challenges as well, from housing to counseling to transportation.

  • Feeding Our Community

    Since 1992, FareStart has provided over 18 million meals to the community.

FareStart transforms lives, disrupts poverty and nourishes communities through food, life skills and job training.

Competent, capable people eager to transition from surviving to thriving.

Provided with the tools, training, and support services they need for lasting employment in food service and the culinary arts.

Fueling sustainable social enterprise businesses that benefit the entire community.



Feeding the Community

Providing nutritious meals 365 days a year to our most vulnerable citizens in daycare centers, schools, shelters and healthcare facilities.


We're leading a movement to help organizations fighting joblessness, poverty and hunger across North America.

Job Training

Struggling to find stable employment, because you are in poverty, in recovery or formerly incarcerated? We can help you.