Barista Student Stories

Kat's Story
Graduated 2011

“I really think the Barista Program might have saved my life.” —Kat

Kat, a recent youth graduate of FareStart’s Barista Training & Education Program reflects on her first weeks in the eight-week long program:

“I feel like a completely different person now, which I really thought was impossible because I had been depressed so consistently, for so long. What the Barista Program did was … got me away from the negative and toxic environment that I thought was my only option. I’m working towards housing, income, sobriety, relationships and a ton of positive things. The support, positive environment of the program and its leaders enabled me to feel more confident and raise my self-esteem. I have learned to speak up more, to ask questions, to interact with people. I am learning to believe in myself. The trainings, experiences and productivity have increased my ability to succeed in the workplace.

This program has done a lot more for me than I ever imagined it could… I’m more happy than I’ve been, almost ever. I actually see the real possibility of a positive, happy future for me now.”

Kat is headed to community college next. Her goal is to become a social worker.